Publication of Short Term Tender Notice.

List of Dealer Zones in Jammu / Srinagar

Tender of Dealers

E NIT No. 01 of 2022-23 JK Agro (Agriculture Inputs) DATED:- 16 .04.2022

E NIT No. 02 of 2022-23 JK Agro DATED:- 16 -04-2021.

E NIT No. 03 of 2022-23 JK Agro (Agriculture Inputs/Machinery) DATED:- 19 .04.2022

E NIT No. 04 of 2022-23 JK Agro (Agriculture Machinery) DATED:- 27 .04.2022

E NIT No. 05 of 2022-23 JK Agro (Agriculture Machinery) DATED:-27 .04.2022

E NIT No. 06 of 2022-23 JK Agro (Agriculture Machinery)DATED:- 27 .04.2022

ENIT No 07 of 2022-23 JK AGRO Dated: 30.04.22

ENIT No08 of 2022-23 JK AGRO DATED:- 09.05.2022

ENIT No 09 of 2022-23 JK AGRO DATED:- 12 -05-2022.

ENIT No 10 of 2022-23 JK AGRO DATED:- 17 -05-2022.

E NIT No 11 of 2022-23 JK AGRO DATED:-18.05.2022

E NIT No. 12 of 2022-23 JK Agro DATED:-24 -05-2021.

E NIT No. 13 of 2021-22 JK Agro (Chain Saw)DATED:- 25 -05-2022.

E NIT No. 14 of 2022-23 JK Agro (Chaff Cutters)DATED:-26-05-2022.

ENIT No 15 of 2022-23 JK AGRO Dated: 01.06.2022

E NIT No. 16 of 2022-23 of JK AGRO Dated: 13.06.2022

E NIT No. 17 of 2022-23 JK Agro DATED:-23.06.2022.

E NIT No. 18 of 2022-23 JK Agro (Agriculture Inputs)DATED:-23.06.2022

E NIT No. 19 of 2022-23 JK Agro (Monoblock/ Submersible Motor)DATED:- 28 -06-2022.

E NIT No. 20 of 2022-23 JK Agro (Irrigation Pump Set) DATED:- 28-06-2022.

E NIT No. 21 of 2022-23 of JK Agro Dated: 30-06-2022

Publication of Dealership Offer Notice.

Follow up action on Various issue of P&S Division kashmir/Caning Division Khonmoh

E NIT No.22 of 2022-23 JK Agro DATED:- 01.07.2022

E NIT No. 23 of 2022-23 of JK Agro Dated: 04-07-2022

E NIT No. 24 of 2022-23 of JK Agro Dated: -07-2022

E NIT No 25 of 2022-23 of JK Agro DATED:-16.07.2022

E NIT No. 26 of 2022-23 of JK Agro Dated: 19-07-2022

E NIT No. 27 of 2022-23 JK Agro DATED:-. 25.07.2022

E NIT No. 28 of 2022-23 JK Agro DATED:-. 25.07.2022

E NIT No. 29 of 2022-23 JK Agro DATED:- 26.07.2022


J&K State Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd.

The authorized Share Capital of the Corporation is Rs. 200.00 lacs oul of which Rs. 195.76 lacs is the paid up capital. The share capital has been subscribed by Government of India to the extent of Rs. 93.76 lacs and by ihe Stale Government to the extent of Rs. 102 lacs. The break-up of the share holding is as under: -

Name of Share Holders

No. of Share alloted of the value of Rs. 100/- each




Mis Excellency The President of India




His Excellency The Governor of J&K State.




Secretary to Govt., Jainmu & Kashmir Slate, Finance Deptt.




Secretary to Govt., J&K State,  Planning Deptt.




Director, Horticulture J&K Govt.




Director, Agriculture Jammu & Kashmir Govt.




Total shares alloted



Inputs Divisions Srinagar/Jammu.
These Divisions of the Corporation are dealing in procurement & sale of various Agriculture Inputs like Fertilizers, Seeds & Pesticides to the farmers of J&K State. Prior to taking up of distribution of fertilizer in mid 1996, sale of pesticides and seed was the main trading activity of this Division. With the with-drawl of subsidy on pesticides by the Stale Govt., the Agriculture Dept. stopped bulk purchases and thus the trading of pesticides by the Corporation was reduced to a negligible level. During 1996, Corporation was authorized to take up fertilizer trading in addition to JAKFED. This activity helped the Corporation to increase its turnover from Rs. 308.00 lacs in the year 1994-95 to Rs. 5273.63 laes in the year 2000-01.
Fertilizer trading has remained the main profit generating activity of the Corporation and around 85% of the Corporation's revenue would come from this activity.

Procurement & Sales Divisions Srinagar/Jammu
The Divisions are engaged in procurement and supply of Agriculture Equipments and Machinery to farmers and various Govt. Departments. The Corporation is an authorized distributor for many reputed Companies like Kirlosker Brothers, H.M.T. tractors, V.S.T. Power Tillers, JK Tyres, Exide Batteries, Punjab Tractors, Harvel Irrigation Systems for Drip and Sprinkle irrigation etc. This activity of the Corporation has got good potential for further growth as various Govt. Deptts. are making huge purchases of the items for which Corporation has dealership tie-ups.
The Corporation at its level has been making efforts to increase the turnover of this activity.
The year-wise performance of the Division for last 13 years reveals that turnover of these activities increased from Rs. 412.47 lacs in the year 1995-96 to Rs. 1121.68 lacs in 2007-08.

Cattle Feed Manufacturing Plant at Bari Brahmana.
The Cattle Peed Plant was established in the year 1989-90 with a production capacity of 50 Mis. of palleted feed per day. The Plant manufactures ISI mark Cattle Feed and quality is ensured by in-housc laboratory.

The physical and financial performance of the Division for last 13 years is placed at annexure 'C Page (15). The turnover of the plant has been increasing year after year i.e. from Rs. 130.03 lacs in the year 1995-96 to Rs. 499.00 lacs in the year 2007-08. The plant showed profit of Rs. 5.41 lacs in the year 2006-07 and Rs. 7.92 lacs in 2007-08. There is scope to increase the turnover / sales further but since the plant has become very old, therefore docs not give capacity production. Its capacity utilization would need some investment to renovate the plant and machinery.

Alternatively there is market potential to add one more modern plant of 50MT-a-day capacity, as sufficient land is available. This addition of new plant will increase production and profitability of the Unit.

Cold Storage Plant at Delhi.
The Corporation has a Cold Storage Plant at Delhi which was commissioned in the year 1975 with a storage capacity of 2200 Mis. The statement at Annexure 'D' Page (16) indicates the position of profit and loss of the unit over a period 13 years. The plant is more than 30 years old, its building and machinery has become very old and require investment on its repair/renovation. Infact, at some later stage the whole plant needs to be re-build. At the present capacity level, the unit is facing stagnation in the revenue. The space at the plant remain occupied upto 80%. The revenue is not expected to increase further as due to competition, as the per unit storage charges have remained the same over the years. The ever-increasing electricity cost is eating into its profits. The revenue of (lie unit can he increased immediately provided the machinery of the Plant whieh is now old and obsolete is replaced and the cold storage chambers are divided into smaller chambers and new additional store is installed.

Processing & Canning Unit Khonmoh.
The Corporation has a fruit and vegetable processing/canning unit at Khonmoh which was established during the year 1982-83 with a capital investment of Rs. 35.00 lacs. The plant has a capacity to process 500 Mts. of fruit and vegetables per year and incorporates a Honey processing unit for processing 36 Mt. (72,000 bottles) of Honey per annum.
The profit and loss position of (lie unit over the past 13 years is indicated in annexure 'E' Page ( 17 ).
The unit has been showing huge losses because of following reasons.

Inadequate market network.

Inadequate machinery and equipment in the plant.

Lack of working capital.

Fabrication & Machinery Service Divisions Kashmir /Jammu .

This unit is erstwhile Tractor Hiring Division which was closed in 1982, but the staff which could not be adjusted in Govt, departments was posted to run this division in an attempt to utilize their services. This Division was engaged in fabrication of various items like green houses, steel doors shutters, bins etc. Also a repair workshop was there to carry out repair of tractors and other vehicles. The unit was non-functional. This division did not have any scope for revival and hence was covered under Golden Handshake Scheme and 89 employees were given Golden Handshake.

Petrol and Diesel Filling Station :-
The Corporation has got a Petrol and Diesel filling station at Bari Brahamana. The Pump is being managed profitably. Corporation has got another Pump at Lalmandi which at present is non-functional.
This Pump could be shifted to a potentially viable location provided Government allots land to the Corporation at some prime location.

Marketing Division :-
During the year 1995-96, the Corporation made efforts to gain-fully utilize the services of the surplus staff. The experiment of the corporation could not yield positive results and the Division was wound up in 2002-03 and the staff of about 5A employees was adjusted in other working Divisions.

The over-all profit and loss position of the Corporation for the past seven years is placed at hereunder. The Corporation has been suffering loses right from its inception except for two years i.e. 1981-82 and 1984-85 when there were marginal profits of Rs. 17.65 lacs and Rs. 27.61 lacs respectively (Statement of year-wise losses since 1972 is placed at Annexure 'F' Page (18 ). The accumulated losses of .the Corporation are to the extent of Rs. 4015.44 lacs as on 31-03-2008. These losses of the Corporation have by and large been met by funds received from State Government under different heads like Plan funds, Transport subsidy, Ways and Means Advances etc.(statement Annexure page ) and by eating up the Working Capital and Capital Assets.

An analysis of the profit and loss details of the Corporation for the last seven years given hereunder reveal that average operational expenditure of the Corporation is Rs. 550.00 lacs per annum. Out of this, the Corporation earns Rs. 250.00 to Rs. 300.00 lacs approximately through its different activities and the remaining deficit of Rs. 250.00 lacs to Rs. 300.00 lacs is being met by resources from State Government.

To provide post harvest infrastructure, quality agriculture Inputs, machinery and
marketing support to farmers with reasonable profit margins for the Corporation.

1. Creating of Cold Stores, C.A. Stores, Go downs, for storing of agriculture Product.
2. Provide High quality Agriculture, Inputs and Machinery to farmers.
3. Provide marketing support to farmers with economic viability for Corporation.
4. To make the Corporation financially viable.

1 To increase revenue of Corporation by expanding the Cold Store at Delhi.
2 To increase Revenue of the Corporation by upgrading the existing production unit at Khonmoh.
3 To increase revenue by increased trading and marketing of Agricultural Machinery.
4 Increase in Profit of the Corporation.

1. Production and Marketing of Cattle Feed.
2. Processing of various Food Products like Jams, Honey and Kashmiri Wazwan etc.
3. Marketing of Dry Fruits Saffron, Olive Oil and other local Agricultural Produce especially pulses etc.
4. Trading of Agricultural Machinery.
5. Trading of various types of fertilizers (Chemical and Bio-Fertilizers).
6. Cold Storage and Warehouse at Delhi.


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